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Darkroom Show Truth hurts, But it is true!

Darkroom show is a show on talking about the harsh truths in everyday life which we usually dont realise is stupid at times. Show started in 2011 and received huge response from the internet community. But we were not able to continue in spiteof our first episode being featured in YouTube channels. We are back now with a arsenal of all the harsh truths, abuses and a pinch of sarcasm to go with it. You will love to hate us at times just like you will hate to love us. Also this will be the best place to come when you feel sad or happy, you will leave with a new hope of how good your life is.

Video School

Learning is a process that never ends and we believe in it. Also it is always cool when you know you are doing what you like.We Like to do this and we are ahppy about it also. If we can bring a small smile across in someones lives we already ahve achieved something nice.that was called as melodrama

now coming to the point we want to do lot of stuff like this and keep entertaining people. If you are interested in writing or acting you are always welcome we can have some fun bringing your ideas to life too. Also lets learn togather. So dont be afraid to shoot us a message at darkroomshow@gmail.com. Lets create some good content in our Video school. You choose if you want to be the Master or the student, both are fun. We also have a blog section go check that out too :)

Do you like what you see? Yes, let's work together!